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Sex gay room

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How I seduced my straight room mate. Part 1 from 1.

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How I seduced my straight room mate. Part 1 from 1.

Rom james henderson Hey i'm James personally i am out of the closet, This is about my current room mate dave, and how i turned him from being straight so this was his first time, ok here we go. Me and my good friend sex gay room moved into a 3 bedroom house together, and after Sexy housewives seeking real sex Cranston 2 months of living with dave i noticed he never brought girls home, I went clubbing and brought guys home now and then but he seemed to aex be sexually active, dont get me wrong david is hot.

So i started to think a lot about david rpom not go out, i would spend all my time chilling with him. We got along great, but i always kept thinking how and when will i get dave to fuck me.

We started to drink together and open up and have a laugh every weekend, but on this weekend i made my move, It was a normal night of just drinking and carrying on, David had the idea to watch a porno, He put on a dvd and started watching it, David knows sex gay room gay but he never said anything about it to me, or questioned me about having sex with other guys, as the movie picked up i was looking at dave sitting on the couch in his boxes pakistani escorts in dallas a really hard boner.

Trying to stare at his cockthen I had a bright idea, i walked into his bedroom and in his ensuite he has a big spa bath, so sex gay room started filling it up, he walked in to see what i was doing in his room, and told him i was going to have a spa bath, dave told me that he hadnt tried it yet, so i convinced him to try it out with me, and he didn't reply at first, but how cold it was it didn't take him long to reply with "make sure the water is boiling".

He put his head back and relaxed more as i rubbed his feet and legs up to his knees, then i made my move, i lent forward and as i started moving he put his Adult seeking casual sex Togo Minnesota 55788 up, i moved was on my knees between his legs, and started kissing him straight away, it was like one big motion, i felt dave start kissing me back, we made out hardcore in the corner of the spa bath, i could feel his hard cock sex gay room my belly when i was kissing him while i was in-between his legs in sex gay room corner Adult singles dating in Croton the spa, i grabbed the top of daves boxes and pulled then off, he moved his body to make it easier, i felt him pull my gstring off, after making out naked all over the spa seex and feeling each other up for 20 - 30 minutes, we hopped sed because we noticed out fingers were wrinkly, we dried each other off and i told david to wait on his bed.

I ran off to my room and grabbed my bottle of lubricant, and my little vibrating dildo i use to loosen myself up, i walk back into davids room naked holding a dildo in one hand and lube in the other, Right before i lied on top of him he said i cant beleive im doing this, I told him to believe it, then i lied on top of him, and we kissed for a bit then i laid back on the pillows, and made david watch as i loosened myself up, and after the dildo went in with ease, i gave it to dave and he started to use the dildo on me, and agy didn't take long before he threw that dildo to the side and said he wanted Reno NV bi horney housewifes fuck me, so I told him to lie back, and i hopped on top of him with my legs spread, and put hit hard cock between my slippery asscheeks.

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I kissed his knack and sat up on my knees and lined his knob up with my arsehole, and sat on his dick, i slowly felt the nob break the rim and pop sex gay room, i slowly sat deeper, and kept pulling out to lube his dick up more, after rkom few minutes i had a good motion sex gay room daves cock, and told him to take control, and made him to what he wanted to do, this is the part i didn't Alaska sex xxx, he went crazy on me, straight after i jumped off his laid me on my back spread my legs up, and fucked me mercenary style, i had my legs spread with my heals on his back, He started to pick the pace up and it felt so good, i was watching his face while he was fucking me distracting him for a pash while his dick was inside of me, after 5 - 10 minutes of him fucking me mercenary I want fuck women in Shawmut, he pulled his dick out and grabbed my arse and rolled me to my stomach, then pulled my hips up and started fucking me doggy style, a sdx times i had to rokm him to slow down because he was fucking me to hard.

My arse was so lubed up and loose, after he smashed me doggie for ages, after he nearly cummed dave pulled out of my arse and laid back, and pulled me on top of him and we started kissing, as i was kissing him he put his hands on my arse and pulled my forward and positioned his dick in my hole for me. I slid on his cock like nothing i was so loose, i started to ride his cock like crazy, doom was sitting hard on his cock, then lifting my hips up until i felt his nob just about to pop out then orom fall back on his dick until it was deep inside of me, it was really sexx sex, Any cougars or milfs here most ive had, i cummed all over his chest gayy riding his cock.

I was cumming for so long that my legs got weak, this was the first time i actually cummed from my prostate, the whole time i was cumming i Single no nude black woman sitting hard on davids cock, after the orgasm settled and i regained strength in my legs, i sat Aquarian male seeks female and got daves cock out sex gay room my arse, and slowly kept a hold of it and moved between his legs, i pulled the condom off, and started giving him head, after a few minutes he cummed dex my mouth uncontrollably and i had to quickly pull it out Hot grandmothers who love to fuck Lake Elsinore had cum dripping all down my chest.

After he cummed, we started to kiss and cuddle, and i asked him what he thought, He told me that it was incredible, and i slept in his bed cuddling in his arms, when we woke up the next morning, i woke up with daves morning glory in my back, when he woke up, he couldn't believe it at first, and tried to say he was drunk last night, and when i kissed him when he was trying to deny what happened, he just gave up and we have a morning fuck, well that's the story of sex gay room rooj David's first fuck, we are still room mates together, but we sleep in the same bed now, Dave turned out to be the love of my life, and are going strong to this day.

So believe in love, you never know what can happen.

s : 1 [ 6 reviews or rate or check all james henderson stories. He opened the desk drawer, pulled out a condom and handed it to me. I kissed his whole body, so beautiful, but always hidden behind his cassock, but now mine